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Why Aidpage?

The Wizard started this conversation

Why Aidpage?

I believe to help someone in need is the most moving and inspiring experience. No other achievement could be so fulfilling. I am not talking about extraordinary circumstances demanding a Hollywood hero. I am talking about everyday situations - problems that for some of us are “piece of cake”. Interesting thing though, no matter how “small” the problem is to us, when we help others, we are getting a lot of satisfaction. We simply feel good about ourselves. We all need that! Yet, in our busy lifes, we often forget how easy it is to feel good about ourselves. That is why Aidpage.

Aid - a short, clear word - apparently everyone knows its meaning. Even more, at any given moment, every one of us needs aid of some kind. However, think about it for a minute and many questions suddenly emerge...

· How can I ask for help?
· Whom should I ask for help?
· How and where can I tell my story?
· Will I be heard?...
· What aid is out there?
· Who is providing the aid?
· Who is receiving aid?
· How does the helper know who is in need and what is needed?

The fact that all these questions exist defines a very real need yet to be met. Imagine a place where such questions could be asked and answered. A public place where an ordinary person can ask and get answers to these questions. That is why Aidpage.

Have you ever met people who need to talk about something with someone? Those people aren't always visible, but their need is as real as it gets. Those around them are simply too busy to notice them, but there are others that would gladly spend time talking or just listening. That is why Aidpage.

Many of us consider our own problems “small” compared to what we see daily on TV and do not ask for help. True, most of the problems we face are not big enough to make the news... What should we do? Try harder... just get used to the idea that we cannot solve them... How about asking for help? Of course, we would ask a relative, a friend, or even a neighbor but that is not always an option. Do we realize that there are other people out there who would help.

We came up with the slogan “People Aid People.” Yes! People are going to help other people. We have faith in the following principles:

· person-to-person giving is a basic human need
· empathy and compassion need no incentives nor conditions
· everybody always "gives" and "takes"
· immediacy and straightforwardness work better than "process"
· people are "wired" for trust

That is why Aidpage.

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Hi im a 38 year old male ; who is trying to get myself together by going back to school. When i was younger i ran into some legal problem but now im trying to do better. i want to get my businees degree,So i can do some thing positive in my life but the school i was going to said that i had to pay a balance before i can sing-up for classes. im not working right now but i am looking. im asking for some kind person to help me continue my education so i can get a job without doing anything stuiped. thank you

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I've been searching online on how i can help my husband pay off his debts for about 2weeks now, i found one and have put my best to work on it and yesterday, i found out that it was a scam since i tried searching its reviews through google. And now, all our plans are destroyed. I'm in need of your help.

I live in Hong Kong City and my husband works from 10 in the morning until 12 midnight, we currently have a newborn baby. By the end of the month, we're always lacking of milk for her and we have to borrow money from people who does not have a real answer to our request. Why are we in debts? Because we borrowed money from a company to payoff the funeral charges. (mother in law passed away recently) and other more debts from a former VisaCard. I need help with the amount of money that's USD200 to help us minimize our debts and for the debt collector to stop threatning us. Please help me, i have no other way to resolve our problems.

I am asking the amount of 200USD to help me apply for an online data entry job for i know that job is not a Scam and its the only way i can help my husband get through with the debts.. Please help me, Please.


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Lori J

I recently had the courage to put my husband of 10 years out.  We have a 5 year old son.  I've known for year my husband was irresponsible and lazy.  He works off and on (more off than on).  I've maintained pretty good up until now.  The final stray was finding out he had been stealing the money I gave him for bills.  Needless to say most of my bills are behind and he has no answers about where the money went.   I do not qualify for any public assistance programs.  Because I work and make a pretty decent living I'm sure $1500 to pay $612 monthly childcare (my son just turned 5 and is not in Kindergarden yet), car note and utility bills would make a world of difference in my life.  Any thing anyone is willing to do to help would be greatly appreciated and thankfully received.  If anyone could tell me how to get out of my current car financing that would help too.  Dealers say I'm upside down and its not worth trading in.  I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee I still owe $15000 for.  Anyone have info on Take over payment deals.  How does it work?  I'm trying to get rid of as much debt as possible.

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I don't know if this will work, but I will try.  There are so many people out there who seem to need help just as much, if not more.  My husband and I both work decent jobs.  We have 2 kids.  My husband had taken on some side jobs that we were expecting money for.  Because of this, I was trying to get caught up on bills that we had fallen behind on when I was on maternity leave.  Well he didn't get the money for either of the jobs.  The good thing is, is that he didn't do the work yet, the money he was supposed to get were retainers before he did the work.  ( he was screwed over in that past)  So I paid extra on several bills.  Now there are bills that are due now, that I would have paid with the other money.  My power will be shut off tomorrow as we had made payment arrangements with them because we were so far behind.  Well we missed the payment and they stopped by to shut it off today, but gave me 24 hours.  My car insurance has bounced for the second time and my state charges a $250 fee if your insurance lapses.  I also paid my phone thinking we were going to have the money, and alas no such luck.  So if there is any chance, we would be much appreciated.  we only need about $750. Don't know if it will happen, but if it does.....then miricles really do happen, and I would be forever thankful. 


Thank you for reading. 

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We need help with rent but mostly now we need grocery money. Growing boys love to eat A LOT! Any help at all would be considered an answered prayer. My prayers are with you all and please know that I will be helping others when I am able.

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Hi Iam a single mother of two, going to school full-time, working part-time at school. I don't get welfare assistance with cash. Im currently in the process of trying to move but can't come up with the security deposit which is $ 780.00...I have out grown my apartment and really need to move. I need help with only the security deposit. If someone could help me please contact my new land lord upon request. I would really appreciate it. thanks.

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Hi,My name is Candis. I am new at this,and do not know how to start, but here I go. I am a single mom, that is taking care of my 84 year old mother. We, live in a apartment. I am working, and she is getting her social securtiy check, but we just do not make enough, I started working another job to try to caught up, but it is not working right. I am behind in the rent, car payment, and other bills, the rent is 1300.00. Ther car payment is 319.00, and I am behind three months. I need to pay April rent, that I do not have, and I have to pay the car payment. If not they will take it away. I tried to apply for a loan, but my credit is not to good, I even went to payday loans, and that is making me behind in my bills, My last resort, is this asking for help. All together in bills, and rent. I will be happy for anything, Like they said don't be picky.My thing is I am always the one helping others, but now I need help, and my friends can not help. I have not told my mother about being behind in the rent, because that well really upset her, she keep on asking me Are we ok with the rent for April, and the bills, and I just tell her we are good, I am looking for a miracle, they said just believe and have faith, and I do very much. I know some people is worst off then I am, and I should not be asking, but if anyone can help. I really would appreciate it.God Bless You

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Hi, I am married with 3 boys. We are trying to buy a house. We currently live in a mobile home that is falling apart around us. Holes in the floors and leaks everywhere. I just want something better for kids. We have to tried to get financing for this house, only 27500. But my husband credit score is so low no one will help us. I believe it was 506. I don't know what else to do or where to go. Can anyone help? Do you know of anyplace that would work with us? Can contact me at my email

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I'm single mom with two children, my husbond passed away two years ago. I do not have any family or help for my needs. It is very difficult me to raise my children without any financial help because i'm unemployeed. I'm capable of opening a business by my self but i do not have funds to do so. Therefore please please help me. you can write to my email:

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I am a person who believed in good turns and I cared for alot of people when I was young and hard worker , I worked for 6 years in Saudi Arabia , all the money I made I used it for building a home in my country Sudan Africa for my 9 brothers and sisters after my father promised me to sign the 3rd floor under my name because at that time I was the only one making money in the family. The house took 9 years to build. After my mother died my father married a young lady, and isolate himself from us, I asked him to go to court to sign the 3rd floor for me he started eluding and finally he refuesd . His new wife put an effect on him because she is going to be part of the inheritance not only that we heared that she is trying to take the whole house. I decided to come over to the united states after we got the lottery and we will be citizens end of 2007. My age now is 53 yrs I could not work in my profession because of my health conddition I had a surgery in my spinal 2004 and my knees in Aug/ 2006, I am a ready mix driver now . I am a father of 6 kids , I tried hard to purchase a home with low monthly payment but I could not,I have $30000 debts and poor credit scores because I have not been long in the country and these two factors depriving me to get a good loan with low monthly payments, It is very important to own a home for my big family , I feel weak to work on my profession { Technician Engineer} I feel I have to start again to get a home ,I am paying hi rent for small appartment, I am looking for good home with low payments.

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Hello friend,I was wondering if you've heard of "Writers Market" ? This book is available reasonably through and allows you to know who to submit to and who will allow electronic submissions. Your book may need to first be an idea you sell to a publisher as opposed to waiting for the money to publish it yourself. In fact I've bought "E BOOKS" online in particular for pet care but there are thousands of topics you might consider writing and publishing ONLINE for extra money! Whatever you do ,don't wait for the funds to publish yourself! Your publisher can do a better job and make you more money in the long run. Here are some websites below to help you more to start on your dream! You're going to be able to make money..your dream begins NOW! Sincerely,Lynn Marie
Writers Market online information

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I am a 69 yr old woman alone in the world. I have worked all my life and paid for my own college education. I had my own business for over 15 years in the stock market public relations forum. I lost everything in the tech stock crash and ENRO Crarash around 2001. I am renting . my social security is not much. I work almost full time for $10 an hour. I could do more but both my knees have to be replaced.I cannot afford it --either money wise or time wise. I also have diabetes. I cannot afford mu medicines all the time, and I owe 4 months payments on my car which is the only transportation i have. They are going to reposess it. Does anyone know where i can getfinancial help. I an writing a book and I know i can publish it with some financial help. I feel like a young senior Citizen and there is so much i need to do before i get too old. Is anyone out there who can tell me how to get the help i need??????

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I'm 24 and soon to be a single mom. I'm due Oct.31st. The father of the baby is not in the picture, and while I have a decent job I don't have enough money to purchase simple itmes for her. Both of my parents are passed on and I don't have any family here to help out. I've tried to find other assistance but told I make too much. I'm pleading for help ! It would be greatly appreciated by both of us.

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I dont know what to post?

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mario avalos

I' a 61 year old vietnam vetearn that was rated 100% disbled by the va,up untill december that things have gotton out of hand due to an unexpected situation with another member of the family, our finances are in trouble and we are losing everything we have,the va won't help,and all the social services say I make too much to qualify for their assistance,tell me what I can do.

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